Monday, December 20, 2010

The Quilting Bug...

My mother has picked up quilting again the last couple of years and since I moved back to NY last year, I had been wanting to do the same. I took a beginner quilting class this past summer and made two of the beginner quilts at the same time. 

The quilt shop I go to the most is The Ivy Thimble in Victor, NY. It is the best area quilt shop! Not only do they have amazing fabric and samples, but the staff is so knowledgeable and helpful! They have wonderful sales and everytime I go there, I feel like I am a friend, not just a customer. 

After taking the Beginners class from Cindy, I signed up with my mom to take a Saturday morning class with Barb. We made a quilt called "Diamonds For Judith". I liked that quilt so much, that I bought Christmas fabric to make a second quilt out of the same pattern. 
I had the first one quilted on the long-arm machine 
there at the store, and the Christmas one is there now being quilted.

I also took a Paper Piecing class from Pam where I learned so much! I love the technique, and the wall hanging I made is just beautiful, if I do say so myself! I am excited to make another one with the same pattern in different fabrics! I think it would be really pretty in patriotic colors for Scout for her birthday--since she is a Flag Day baby.

I haven't taken a class lately, but I am hoping to take on over 6 months that begins in January and focuses on applique. I bought a new sewing machine and it is amazing. 

I've also made a few aprons and table runners. I have fabric to make two other quilts and as soon as all of the Christmas gift projects are completed, I will start working on one of those! 

If you've ever admired a pieced quilt and thought it would be neat to make, but didn't think you could, trust me! You can do it. Just go to a good quilt shop and take a class. It is amazing how simple it is once you are taught by a good teacher! Once you can make a simple sampler like the beginner quilt, you can do practically anything. 

Happy quilting!


  1. I need to take some more pictures to add to this post of things I've not taken pictures of yet...

  2. Beautiful! I loved the photo of your living room (and cute little Molly beside the quilt). It just reminds me how cozy your house is, with good candles and good chick flicks, and how I enjoyed coming to visit.
    I love the colors of the quilt at the bottom.

  3. Aw...thanks Harm. That last picture is of a table runner that I made for my parents for their anniversary. :)