Monday, December 27, 2010

New Projects

Santa Clause (ie, my family...) was very generous to me this year for Christmas. I got kits to make two LARGE quilts. Both are quilts I saw made up and have absolutely LOVED and wanted to make. I will be a very busy the next year! I shouldn't need to buy anything but thread and incidentals!

One is called "ColorSplash" and it is made of Purple and Green Batik's (with a little peach-ey cream) and I saw it hanging at The Black Bear in Inlet, NY (near Old Forge) and ooh-ed and aah-ed over it for a year...then my mom told me that she had bought the kit for the exact quilt that was hanging on the walls, and was going to give it to me for I bought the fabric for the borders and the binding. I will wait until it is finished to spend the money on the 8 yards needed for the backing fabric! It is so beautiful....the one at The Black Bear is so much prettier than this picture!

The other quilt is just like something that my Great Grandmother Thornton would have made...the 1930's style fabrics and the dresden plate in the center--it is so reminiscent of the old, family quilts! I love it! I wanted to take the class at The Ivy Thimble, but it was only offered during a daytime class...and I couldn't take it because of work...darn having to make a living! So, they had one kit left, and my mom bought it for me for Christmas. I am very excited to make it!!! I love the colors and the fun fabrics.

I also got two other small quilting projects, one is a small, circular Christmas table-topper and the other is a neat wall hanging with sheep...I will post pictures as I get things completed....Wish me luck! Plus, my adorable niece, got me a gift certificate! How lucky am I! :-) She even wrote my name on it, and signed her name. So sweet!

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