Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Purse!

I've seen the pattern for this purse for several months. I've seen it made up a few times at various quilt shops. I've been wanting to make it, but had to find the perfect fabric. It is called the Birdie Sling and is an Amy Butler design and pattern. This was the first time I have made any of her patterns and I would use one again in a heartbeat! Very well written patterns.

I saw this great batik floral and kept thinking that I wished I could think of something great to use it in. I thought about it during a 90-minute trunk show and as I was walking up to pay for the yard of a different fabric I was getting to make a leash and collar for Molly (which I still haven't done!), I saw the pattern and it hit me! This gorgeous blue/purple and green floral batik would be perfect for the main portion of the birdie sling. SO...I began scowering the batik shelves to find the perfect fabric for the handle and band as well as a third coordinating fabric for the lining. I found lovely fabrics that matched beautifully! I was super excited and bought all the fabric I needed. This was my first time making a purse, and there were several things I hadn't done before--like make gussets and sew in pleats. I used fusible fleece and fusible
woven interfacing. It was a very educational experience, and ended
with a lovely final product! least I think it is lovely!

I've already switched all of my purse essentials over and it is my current purse. LOVE it! :-)


  1. Aaron's sister makes that same bag! It's cute.

  2. I LOVE it Martha!! Great job!! I love the fabrics!! I'm surprised you haven't sewn a purse before. The pleats and gussets look great! I haven't used fusible fleece yet.

  3. I love it! You are getting quite crafty in your old age! Miss you...and in case you is coming?! Just sayin!